Intro Offer! Meet Brightglow & Save $5

Hi folks!

We are super excited to introduce Brightglow, our brand new typeface.

Brightglow was in the works for over 5 months and we went through several phases of tweaking, pausing and revisiting...until we felt it was just right.

The idea behind Brightglow was to combine classic hand-drawn lettering elements with functional type – creating a font that is not your run of the mill display typeface.

For us, it was all about making a wonderfully playful serif that works well without the opulent alternates – and then slowly integrating them. Intentional and mindful, so that the integrity of the typeface is maintained.

The result is a condensed display font that is friendly, playful, and at the same time grand and ornate.

It has been a wonderful experience designing this font and we sure hope you have wonderful experiences yourself – designing your own creative work with Brightglow.

Use our intro offer code HELLOBRIGHTGLOW at checkout & save $5.00 on your purchase, or click here and activate the code right now. Valid only on and until Dec 31 2021.

Happy creating, everyone!

SG team