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  • Astralaga - Elegant, graceful and timeless - Typeface Design
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  • Audrey Hepburn Quote - Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
  • Astralaga
  • Astralaga
  • Astralaga
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Elegant, graceful, and timeless. Astralaga is a versatile font family with a timeless, classic appeal, over 50 alternates & ligatures and multilingual support. All 5 weights are well-suited for large display uses and high impact headlines. Every letter of Astralaga has been hand-drawn and crafted with the upmost care. The many available stylistic alternatives and ligatures allow a high degree of customization. We've also included 4 free logo templates in your download folder – fully customizable.

The 5 Weights of Astralaga

  • Astralaga Light – very delicate and elegant
  • Astralaga Regular – a classic beauty with gorgeous shapes
  • Astralaga Medium – a great midground between lights and bolds
  • Astralaga Semibold – high contrast and high impact
  • Astralaga Bold – strength and elegance combined


  • 40 Ligatures & 11 alternate glyphs per weight
  • Free future updates
  • 4 free logo templates – fully customizable
  • 1850 glyphs
  • Comprehensive language support

↪ Astralaga-Light.otf

↪ Astralaga-Regular.otf 

↪ Astralaga-Medium.otf
↪ Astralaga-SemiBold.otf 

↪ Astralaga-Bold.otf

↪ Astralaga-Light.ttf

↪ Astralaga-Regular.ttf
↪ Astralaga-Medium.ttf

↪ Astralaga-SemiBold.ttf

↪ Astralaga-Bold.ttf

↪ Astralaga-Light.woff

↪ Astralaga-Regular.woff
↪ Astralaga-Medium.woff
↪ Astralaga-SemiBold.woff 

↪ Astralaga-Bold.woff

↪ Astralaga-Logos.eps

↪ Astralaga-Logos.ai

↪ Astralaga-Logos.psd

Astralaga Character Set (handy PDF showing all included letters)
SG Type Font Guide (a practical guide on how to access ligatures by SG Type)

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